The band was formed in 2004 and consists of 4 friends who have been playing music together for years, although it was in 2004 songs were written under the name AMALTHEA and the early version of the sound you hear today was born. It started out with songs who were very much emo and chaotic but later we started incorporating more post-rock elements. We made various recordings by ourselves in our own studio and learned more and more about sound engineering as we went along. In 2005 Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records released a 4 song 7inch and after that a split with Only For The Sake Of Aching was released by the same label early 2006. At this point we had been playing some shows in Sweden, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The songs to this point were written without plan and just spontaneous creativity and joy. In 2006 we had decided that it was time for our debut album and started writing songs and soon thereafter went into our studio to record them. Since we’ve always had the ideology that we would play music we love to play and not care so much about how it sounded, as long as we enjoyed playing it, the result was a more evolved sound experimenting with more genres and a wider sound than before. We named the album: “Decision should be a desert, bright and clear”.

Now in june 2007 the album is released by the label Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records in the shape of a digipak cd and later this year a LP version of the album will be made available.


Self Titled [2005]:

Decision Should Be a Desert, Bright and Clear [2007]:

Amalthea - Arse Moreira - Eucalypt - Orbit Cinta Benjamin - Dodewaard - Hiro split:

Amalthea - Hiro split:

Amalthea - Only for the Sake of Aching split: