Jeromes Dream Seeing Means More Than Safety

Jerome's Dream

Jeromes Dream were a Connecticut screamo three piece, active from 1997 to 2001.

The band had a unique vocal style - singer Jeff Smith opted not to use a microphone while performing live, instead screaming unamplified at the top of his lungs. The band was known for playing very short sets, usually no longer than 10 minutes. According to Smith, they thought 10 minutes was all they needed to get their point across.

The band’s second full length album, Presents, featured a drastic change in vocal style, abandoning the raw screams for processed “megaphone” style vocals. This stylistic shift was rumored to a product of vocal cord damage sustained by their singer from the repeated strain of performing. However, Smith cites an anecdote in which while recording with Orchid his voice cut off and he passed out in the recording booth. Afterward, they changed their style overall.

After Jeromes Dream split, Jeff Smith went on to play experimental drone music in The Wind-Up Bird. Drummer Erik Ratensperger now played in the bands Best Inventions and The Virgins and currently plays inThe Rassle. The other member was guitarist Nick Antonopulous.

In 2005, Alone Records of Oswego, NY released a 2CD discography containing all of Jeromes Dream’s recordings, including live and unreleased songs.

Completed 1997-2001: jeromes dream “demo” cassette jeromes dream / amalgamations 7” split (rice control records) jeromes dream / july 7” split (hit the ground running records)